Caring for your doodle’s coat
Did you know?…..
Modern breeds like cockerpoos and other doodles have a ‘combination coat type’ which means they are mixed with a wool coat and a silk coat.
Usually, these breeds are first-time dogs for the owners, being hypoallergenic the new owners may not have had the opportunity to own a dog before.

These dogs are the most challenging coat types, but with education and correct coat care, we can help with those challenges.

Light colour coats also lack a protein in the innermost shaft, called ‘Medulla’. This contributes to the matting we often see.
High matting areas are under harnesses, legs, heads and around the collar area.
We recommend using a comb on these dogs, on a daily basis, just as you would a child’s hair.
If this doesn’t happen the coat forms into tight and painful knotting.
This matting can be difficult to remove. It can be very scary for the dogs to have us pulling at the skin to remove the tight matts. These appointments often run over time and can cause chaos in the salon as other dogs also get scared of the matted dog’s distress. Unfortunately, we then have to refer to the vets for coat removal under anesthetic. This helps the dog to be less traumatised by the experience and enables the dog to be groomed calmly in future sessions.
Owners are often disappointed with the ‘to the skin’ cut, which is necessary as per the Animal Welfare Act 2006 (causing unnecessary pain and suffering by de-matting). This causes complaints and dissatisfaction for the groomers who are only trying to help. This matting removal also puts us at risk, even the nicest dog can bite when in pain.

We can help.

If you need advice with coat care we sell a wide range of tools, conditioning spray, combs, and de-matting tools.
We also run ‘Learn how to groom your own dog’ courses on Sundays. £79 with a maximum of 3 dogs and owners. We can book regular appointments, and don’t forget we are always on the end of the phone for free advice and help.