Dog Spa Treatments in Hull

At Dogoholics we believe a dog’s health and well-being is just as important as ours, and they too deserve a little luxury in their life, after all they love us unconditionally and they deserve an extra special treat every now and then.

We offer a range of luxury treatments that have all been tried and tested, specifically designed for different breeds and coat types.


The Jaccuzi Bath

This is the ultimate Spa experience, combining three of nature’s most powerful elements, heat, water and air together.  Our spa bath is successful as it uses hydro-massage together with aromatherapy to ease stress, relax joints and muscles and treats skin and coat in the following ways:

Revitalising: gives your dog a sense of vitality and is ideal for nervous or timid dogs or those with past trauma

Relaxing: as it is a restorative treatment it combats tiredness and stress which is great for active pets, working dogs, agility and show dogs

Anti-stress: the spa bath is great to help a dog relax and is ideal for dogs who have undertaken a stressful situation such as a house move, or hormonal imbalances.

Circulation: a spa treatment helps to reactivate blood circulation and is therefore suitable for elderly pets or who don’t get a lot of exercise.

How it works:

Hydrotherapy: This works by creating ozone into the water, and is released through pads into the spa bath, the air bubbles and ozone collide and burst, emitting ultrasonic waves in the bath water. These waves massage the dog’s skin, loosen dirt, and relax the muscles.

Heat Therapy: The heat of the water works with the waves to increase blood circulation to tired muscles, tendons and arthritic or rheumatic joints. The increased blood flow helps repair cells to the affected tissues and help them to heal faster.

Aromatherapy: Essential oils Aloe Vera and Green Tea is added to the bath to maximise the benefit of the treatment.  Alternative essential oils can be used to treat specific issues and can be agreed at the pre-treatment consultation.

If you feel your dog would benefit from having a Spa Bath on a regular basis rather than just as an every now and then treat, we also offer treatment programs:

The frequency of the treatment is dependent upon the therapy needed.  We would recommend the following, but a tailor-made program will be made at the pre-treatment consultation:

  • Elderly pets: 1 bath every 2 weeks
  • Overweight pets 1 bath 2 weeks
  • Skin problems 1 bath a week
  • Heavy shedding 2 baths a month
  • Stress 1 bath per month
  • Relaxation 1 bath every 2 weeks

The spa bath is priced at £10 and can be added to any of our grooming treatments.

Standalone spa bath treatment is £20

Other Treatments:

A cleansing treatment to help reduce beard and tear staining. Perfect light and white coloured dogs such as the Bichon, Westie, Cockerpoo and Poodles. This treatment will help to keep your beautiful dogs face dazzling all day long . Our treatments do not contain bleach, steroids, peroxide or any other harmful ingredients.
A wonderfully hydrating and soothing facial treatment to cleanse and balance. Dogs with folds or deep wrinkles such as Pugs, Boxers, Shar Pei and Bulldogs need a regular skin cleansing routine due to the build-up of food debris, mucus, dry tears that can lead to skin infections and harbour bad odours if left. Included in this treatment is a relaxing head massage to complete this fabulous treatment.

This deep conditioning treatment helps repair the hair from damage due to brushing, heat and detangling. Nourishing the hair and forming a protective barrier from dirt and further damage. It also has the added benefit of soothing and softening the skin and keeps the coat conditioned, which will help with coat maintenance. Great for high maintenance coat dogs and poodle mix breeds.

Nose and Paw balm softens the pads. A lightly scented nourishing balm perfect for dry noses, sore and cracked paw pads, suitable for all dog types.

Takes sharpness off nails.

You’re gonna have to face it….. You’re addicted to dogs!

Lucy is a brilliant groomer. I have taken my Cockapoo to numerous groomers in Hull but nobody has been able to master him like her. Nothing was too much trouble. Definitely will be going back and will be recommending to all my family and friends. Thank you so much!

Sally Farnill

My Bailey’s first lesson with Lucy was great. Lovely environment and Lucy really taught me and Bailey so much in just one lesson. Got our next lesson booked next week and can’t wait to learn more. Highly recommend for all you dogoholics.

Amie Petterson

Thanks for giving Kenny the full 5 star treatment he deserves. A Beautiful handstrip nails clipped and bathed Lucy was kind and gentle and professional Kennylad loved his pamper session. I cannot recommend Lucy enough.

Leanne Elizabeth

We’ve been to see Lucy three times now and I honestly couldn’t fault her. I’ve been so pleased with what she’s done every time I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her! She’s good value for money and it’s safe to say we won’t be going elsewhere. Thank you so much!

Emma Keogh

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